Bare Fisted Fighting


a video where 2 bigger girls are bullies who pick on a smaller girl. They demand money from her and when she hands it over, they say it is not enough. They start pushing her and then one holds her arms behind her back and the other punches her in the stomach multiple times. The bullies call her names like wimp, nerd, bitch, pussy, loser etc. as they beat her. And it ends with the bully saying she better have more money tomorrow or else and then knocks her out with a punch to the face. Maybe you can also include the bullies bending her arm behind her back before the beating as well with her screaming in pain. And after the belly punching the bigger girl takes the hurt one by the shirt and makes her stand on her own so she can knock her down he a punch to the jaw with her landing face down on the floor. After that the bully steps on her back and the camera can do a close up on the hurt girl’s face as she looks directly into it looking like she’s about to cry. Then the bully turns her over, sits on top of her and holds her back and asks her if she is just going to let them beat her up before hitting her in the face. Then she hits her 3 or 4 more times saying something in between each punch like “You are such a wimp” or “Come on and stop me”. After that they finish her off by picking her up and knocking her out with one last punch to the face telling her she better bring them more money tomorrow or else.