Female Fighting


Full trailer here!Sumiko and Jenn D challenge each other in a “Moves from a Hat” style match, picked from suggestions from the SSP fans.  Up first?  Cunt Busting, as Jenn D takes Sumiko’s intimates to task with repeated low blows, including punches and kicks leaving Sumiko gasping, until she turns the tables and takes Jenn to the floor with a series of her own.  Repeatedly hammering Jenn’s privates until she p*sses out, Sumiko takes a 10 count pin with a little face-sitting and posing for her first round win.  The next bout is a Wedgie Contest, grappling with each other’s one-piece to yank the suits high into the divide between toned cheeks.  Both girls grunt and groan, trying to get the advantage as they try to use pressure points.  Rolling Eyes accompany painful moans until at last Sumiko succumbs to the pressure, sliding against Jenn to the floor before finally passing out, giving Jenn D her first face-sitting pinfall.  Finally the last round…. Face-Sit Knockout.  The girls grapple for dominating positions, trying to bury each other’s faces below, using head-scissors, Figure Four chin locks, and of course, face-sitting.  Who will come out on top?INCLUDED: Low Blow Punches, Crossed Eyes, Low Blow Kicks, Atomic Wedgies, Rolling Eyes, Knockouts, Face Sitting, Head Scissors, One Piece suits, Inverted Head Scissors, Whimpering, Victory Posing, 10 Count Pinfalls