Cat Fighting

Pamela catfight goes erotic with Coco

ATTENTION!!!   MUST-VIDEO!!!On the event in Budapest Pamela from Italy and Coco de mal from Serbia fight on the mat!EVERYTHING ALLOWED!! SLAPPING, FACESITTING, HEADSCISSORS, HAIRPULLING etc etc!From the second part of the video: FULL EROTIC and  HOT !!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS THE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO OF THAT SHOOTING DAY IN BUDAPEST!!! 2 hot-tempered girls discover that both of them has the same guy as a boyfriend so they got angry and  tear off each other’s clothes, pull hair, and slapp on face as well , they fight but as they are already NUDE they discover they love each other’s body so they start to stroke each other and finally Pamela MAKES COCO TO COME BY HAND. DO NOT MISS TO WATCH WHOLE VIDEO! Lots of CLOSE-UP View!!