Bare Fisted Fighting

MY TERRITORY Goldie Blair vs. Dee Williams Nude Fistfight Rematch (MP4)

Here’s the sequel to the tough punch-filled “MY TERRITORY” featurette,  a jaw-smashing showdown between busty rival gang leaders Dee Williams (aka Darling) and Goldie Blair. At the end of the first fistfight, the two women were topless, bruised and battered, but only one gal was still standing, having flattened the other gang girl.  Now, the loser of the first fight gets a chance at a rematch… This time in the nude. The sweaty, knockdown, battle-mark-filled followup slugfest leads to a knockout conclusion, as one beaten and battered tough girl leaves her challenger on the floor in an exciting nude fantasy fistfight, JMR style!