Mixed Fighting

GABRIELLA – Bad Ass Beauties – Mixed Fighting And Beatdown On The Tatami (MP4 1920×1080)

Gabriella is not only superbeautiful, but she is a skilled fighter, don’t be fooled from this angelic beauty, she can kick your ass for good! Many men know this and they stay away. But not this guy, an old fat loser that he pretends to be a veteran fighter, always says fake stories around for his legentary fights and he cannot stop flirting with the girls of the gym, in a slimy way. But this is not his lucky try! While Gabriella does some exercises, he joins her to the tatami and starts to flirt with her, asking her to go out and listen his stories of how great fighter he was when he was young. Gabriella tells him that he lies and she can easily kick his ass. He laughs at her and mocks her and accepts the challenge, he will give her some punishment on the tatami and after she must go out with him. Gabriella accepts the challenge and the fight begins. With great leg movement she confuses the fat loser that he finds himself again and again down on the tatami! Gabriella is too fast for him and, when he is down, she kicks and stomps him brutally! He is already exhausted, but his egoism lets him stand up, just to be down on the tatami again from the punches and kicks of Gabriella!Visit Footdominas.com!!! More than 100 Amazing European Dominas, Hours of Exclusive Videos just with a monthly subscription!!! More than 1000 clips to download. DAILY UPDATES, GUARANTEE!!!www.footdominas.com