Bare Fisted Fighting

Fight Me For Him-MP4, 720

This clip is 1280×720, in MP4 format.*CUSTOM* Nikki’s husband, Jim, is missing, and she suspects Jordana knows where he is. She confronts Jordana at her house, and finds out that she is planning on brainwashing and stealing him from Nikki. Nikki and Jordana then go into an all outFIGHT, to see who the better woman is for Jim. Punches are thrown left and right, right in their FACES and BELLIES. These girls are both tough and neither will give up. They continue to throw BLOW AFTER BLOW at each other, in the FACE, CHEST and BELLY, getting more and more disheveled as they go. There is a LOT OF NAME CALLING, and CLOTHES RIPPING, as the two girls BEAT EACH OTHER UP. At the end they are both all RUFFED UP and . But who will win Jim at the end??STARRING:Jordana Leigh and Nikki BrooksFETISH ELEMENTS: BareFighting,Fighting, Female Fighting, Bare , Knockouts, Clothing destruction, Nikki Brooks