Female Fighting

Chanel vs Galas – wmv

This video is a custom commission.  The basic plot: Galas is a dirty whore who is fucking the boss to get ahead and Chanel has been building up great anger towards her because of it.  Chanel really does seem very angry and she is way stronger than she looks and seriously vicious!  Bad for Galas… Chanel grabs fistfulls of Galas’ hair ripping it out of her head yanking her head back hard and injuring her neck and cutting her face with her sharp fingernails!!  Lots of kicking, knees and punches to the crotch. When Galas is on the floor she picks her up by the back of her pants giving her a serious painful wedgie, swinging her around the room and injuring Galas’ back! Chanel is incredibly strong!  She even starts spanking Galas on the ass hard just to humiliate her even more. Real PAIN and REAL injuries in this video! Galas took over a month to recover from this shoot!!!(Want to order your own custom video? Email me at my email address at top www .. com ) @GalasXXX