Bare Fisted Fighting

Beat Down Lessons For Your Weak Ass -(MPG)

***POV******CUSTOM***It has to be so upsetting to know that I am much more powerful then you.Do I really need to show you what you need to be doing so just maybe one day you could last in fight against me? You know what?I think I will show you, actually I will demonstrate on you !! This way you know exactly how each technique feels. Powerful, strong females like me love guys like you, because you are so fucking weak!Just a few punches or a couple kicks will have your ass on the ground in no time! The only thing though is that I know it turns you on to get your ass beat by me…and it makes me mad as hell to know that you are getting pleasure out of it and I think that’s why it makes me beat you even harder each time leaving you bruised up for days!!*** POV Fighting / Beatdowns / Muscle Domination / Muscular Women / Flexing / Biceps / Punching / Kicking / Mixed Fighting / Powerful Woman / Strong Women