Mixed Fighting

Ballbust Show Fights! – Upgrade vs Psymon (HD 1080p)

The lethal and beautiful Upgrade (21 years old) is our newest player in Ballbust Show Fights!, and she’s definitely ready to rumble. As always, Psymon puts his balls on the line (versus getting to play with Upgrade’s boobs if he wins), though please note that this time he’s only offered up 5 kicks. That’s because Upgrade is an absolutely brutal ballbuster, which you already know if you’ve gotten any of our other videos with her!Upgrade uses her wrestling and street fighting know-how, in addition to her surprising brute strength and, of course, her ballbusting ways! She gets a few very good testicle grabs in, as well as a knee or two, and definitely does not disappoint. She’ll be back, ladies and gentlemen!