Female Fighting

Bailey Brooks and Paige Erin Turner in a Fight to the Finish (HD 1080p)

Paige Erin Turner, wearing a cute bikini top and tight jeans, is relaxing at home. She’s reading a magazine and chilling on her bright orange couch. Suddenly, Bailey Brooks, professional intruder jumps into the scene! Bailey is clad in tight jeans as well, and wears a tight white tube top. Bailey rips the magazine away from Paige, and pushes her up against the wall. However, she wasn’t expecting Paige’s speed and agility! Paige turns the tables, getting Bailey against the wall, and gets her right in the belly! It’s too much for Bailey Brooks, and she collapses to the floor, one of her big tits popping out of her top. Paige does a brief victory-style pose over her, triumphant.That’s just the first scene of several in this hot fight-to-the-finish fighting video! In each scene, Bailey and Paige wear sexy outfits and duel it out in a scenario. Each time, the victor and loser may change!